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Dear Educator,

Teachers are left to pick up a great deal of slack in our culture and when it comes to advising kids about issues related to sex. They are in a no-win situation: dammed if they say anything that could upset the parent and overwhelmed by how much kids need to talk with someone.

Teachers and administrators witness daily the damaging and risky sexual behaviors our kids are engaging in and the effect these behaviors are having on teen’s self-respect and ability to function academically. But they are frustrated in their attempts to address the issue. As one teacher put it:

“There have been many times that I can see a kid dressing and acting in a way that I know is setting them up for a fall. I used to try and say something, you know, in a supportive way to help them see what they’re heading into. But now I see it as way too dangerous. One time I told a student that they were not dressed appropriately for my classroom. I mean we have a dress code here, but try applying it. This time I did and I got a call from the parent, raking me over the coals. Why did I pick on their kid? The sex thing can get crazy here sometimes, but who wants to stick their neck out?”

My workshops and presentations are designed to address the difficult topics teachers, school administrators, nurses, and counselors encounter every day. I work closely with administrators to design events that fit the mission and philosophy of the school, respect community sensibilities, and provide practical strategies for with students and parents. These workshops can be designed to fit the continuing education requirements of your staff. If you would like to work together to design an educational event for your staff, please call or send me an email.


Sharon Maxwell, Ph.D.