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Dear Parents,

As a parent, psychologist and educator, I am constantly amazed at the amount of time our children spend plugged into some sort of media. Whether it’s television, CDs, radio, magazines, iPods or the Internet, the media is defining what is funny, what is appropriate, what is attractive, and most importantly, what is right. The impact on how our children think and feel about themselves and how they treat others is profound:

  • Fourth and fifth grade girls starting “no eating” clubs.
  • School dances cancelled for inappropriate sexual behavior.
  • Over-sexualized language and behavior in elementary and middle school.
  • Inability to delay gratification and work toward a goal.
  • Obsessive interest in body image: eating disorders and use of steroids.

Never has it been more important to proactively engage our children in conversations about topics that can be difficult to address. As they mature it is our words and values that will help them navigate a culture that is more interested in selling them products than nurturing their hearts and minds. We are the best protection and most important resource our children have. What we say, and when we say it, can make all the difference.

I design workshops and presentations for parents that give concrete strategies for dealing with difficult subjects such as responsible sexual behavior, guidelines for Internet use, and effectively navigating media and peer pressure. My presentations respect parent concerns and community sensibilities.

These workshops are enthusiastically received in public, private, academic and religious settings because they inspire people who care about children and because they deliver doable techniques with humor and compassion. I enjoy tailoring each presentation to the specific needs of the participants and offer strategies that are appropriate for different developmental stages.

Please explore my web page and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.


Sharon Maxwell, Ph.D.