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Private Practice & Consultation

Although this website is designed to focus on my work with parents, educators and mental health professional, I am a licensed clinical psychologist and have an active private practice serving the needs of children, teens, adults, couples and families. I come from a family systems perspective and often use cognitive/behavioral, as well as relaxation techniques, to help people meet their goals. Although I appreciate the value of understanding where our unhappiness and “stuckness” comes from, I believe change happens because of the effort we put into thinking and acting differently today. I believe that each of us has the inner courage to create the life we choose.


While I see children for therapy, I am more likely to begin by working with parents to change a child’s behavior. As a family systems therapist, I look for the ways in which the family or school system is subtly, and most often unintentionally, supporting the “bad” behavior. I work with parents and schools to structure a change in the system so that the negative behavior can no longer continue. Parents are the resource children need to change negative behaviors. As a therapist, I show parents how to create an environment that supports this change.


Families can be our safe haven, a place of support and nurturance, giving us the skills and values we need to successfully create our place in the world. But sometimes families lose their purpose and become a group of disconnected people sharing the same address. I often bring everyone into my office to figure out what the family needs in order to function better. Everyone gets a voice. Parents are supported for being in charge.


I love working with teens. Their attitude, energy and extraordinary ability to uncover the hypocrisies of human existence make them a precious resource. I connect with teens and help them define their goals, understand the game of growing up, find what they’re passionate about, and use that passion to begin to shape their unique contribution to the world.


My work with adults centers around creating a life that reflects value, service and joy. My clients are looking to let go of those things that no longer support their growth, develop the self-discipline to pursue their goals, figure out what brings them joy, and embrace the unique talents and qualities that they can offer the world.


Strong families start with a strong partnership. My work with couples focuses on the goals they create for their relationship and their family. I teach communication skills and acceptance of individual differences. Often conflicts arise from unmet expectations that were formed in one’s family of origin. Couples are asked to examine the expectations they brought to their marriage and be willing to look for common ground.


Divorcing couples sometime need help retaining their civility and common sense during a time of great emotional stress. When working with divorcing couples, I provide a safe and structured environment and help each partner focus on how to dissolve the marriage with dignity and integrity. When children are involved, I help the couple remember that the love they have for their children can give them the strength and self-control they need to construct a workable future.


School and family consultations bring all parties together to:

  • Understand the purpose a particular behavior is serving in the life of the child or adolescent, and his or her family.
  • Make sure everyone is working toward the same goal.
  • Create a structure that supports the goal.
  • Clarify everyone’s role in meeting the goals.
  • Set a time frame for assessing success.