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Helping parents raise healthy and responsible kids.


“Building healthy foundations for today’s youth and future generations is an upstream journey. Parents need encouragement and clarity at every step. It’s time to eschew obfuscation and get real. Dr. Maxwell’s approach works, because it helps parents breathe the common sense air of basic parental responsibility. What do our kids really want when they look back on their youth? Is it unconditional freedom to explore? Or is it stable foundations and trustworthy guidance? It’s time parent communities listen closely to the words, images and assumptions surrounding our children and then let their parental voice be heard. We benefit daily from Dr. Maxwell’s pioneering work. The practical approach she presents is real and necessary. My husband and I are re-energized on our path to producing a strong and healthy family environment, thanks to her inspiring influence. Dr. Maxwell also tailors her programs to the unique needs of the communities and collaborates effectively with educators, community members and cleargy. Her enthusiasm for the family is contagious and she’s ignited parents in my community to engage with their children so that regular, meanigful communication becomes the backbone of the family culture. Thank you Dr. Maxwell for being a voice in the wilderness.”
—High School Religious Instructor, St. James, Watertown, MA

“I thought I knew what my daughter was going through but the world has changed since I was her age. Now we’re on the same page.”
—Mother of a thirteen-year-old

“My mother never discussed these things with me and I have never felt comfortable. Dr. Maxwell has so much positive information to share. My daughter will not have to be as ignorant as I was.”
—Mother of an eleven-year-old

“My daughter’s going into middle-school next year. This workshop prepared both of us.”
—Mother of a twelve-year-old

“I got to tell my mom all the stuff I want her to know but because of that box Dr. Maxwell uses, she didn’t know it was me. That was cool.”
—Sixth grade girl